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You're Traveling Docu Street. Tracing history one road at a time.

People fascinate me and I am intrigued by their stories. Sports, music, criminals, choices people make; it all interest me. We will add stories, as the process allows, presenting the facts, expressing the story without extortion, its edutainment. Choices, experiences, how they lived or what’s ahead. Welcome to Docu Street.


Oscar Robertson-(2001 Documentary) This is only the opening two minutes of his video biography entitled The Big O: The Oscar Robertson Story.  Contracts and previous commitments prevent us from posting the entire 120 minute video biography for free viewing.  His story is as much about conquering racial barriers and helping create equality for future generations as it is about his immortal basketball career.  The highlights are incredible and span high school, college and pro. His life story is fascinating. The entire two hour DVD program can be purchased at www.bigovideo.com



An Augusta Tour with Nick & Nina Clooney. (2009 Feature) Nick Clooney is a renowned reporter of famous heritage. He older sister and his son have been on the cover of Time Magazine-40 years apart- as world wide icons.  Nick and his wife Nina are guides of this tour of a small town in Kentucky but it is also about the world, the careening path of journalism and fame while living under the cover of a “Mayberry” type small town.

David Taylor- (2009 Feature) Meet the amazing wrestler whose early years are exceedingly successful. But it’s not only talent, here is an example for all coaches and parents to show their teams players, sons and daughters how success is dictated by ferocious focus and work ethic.  You have the opportunity to see a future Olympian before the universe knows who he is.  The entire world will meet him in 2012 when he attempts to win Gold in London. This program has aired since August 2009 and has hundreds of comments on the website of avid wrestling fans www.flowrestling.com

Waite Hoyt- (1997. Biography) "I (am) ready to take a deep plunge off the world. I see nothing ahead. I believe my life is over." So said Waite Hoyt in 1945 during the stormiest, darkest period of his life.  How could this privileged man of overwhelming accomplishment and talent be suicidal?  Journey through the 84 years of the 20th century that are Waite's World with his friends, coworkers, and family for a unprecedented inside look at an extraordinary talent.  You may also purchase the entire 85 minute documentary “Waite’s World” through the website www.waitehoyt.com


George Remus-(2007.True Crime).  A man who abused his intellectual gifts, leaving the legal world of lawyer to become a bootlegger and murderer-even if he did get away with it.  His Cincinnati murder trial was the national obsession and sensation 70 years before OJ.   

Aaron Pryor- (1991-A year in his life) Aaron the Hawk Pryor rose to champion of the world before addiction brought him down.  He went to prison but has recovered to become a Hall of Fame Boxer, Deacon and Citizen.  This documentary aired as you see it with no updates on a local Cincinnati affiliate in 1991.  His website is www.hawktime.com

No Next Time (1986 Music Video)  Music video shot in 1986 covering the song by legendary musician Louis Prima with the talented cover vocals of Scott F. Burrows






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